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Elisa - luxury escort companion in Riga
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Black is always sexy!

 Summer is over, and I share my new pictures in my favorite sporty outfit to help you to survive in these rainy days. These new pictures were taken in the middle of September when fall was already halfway through the door. I like to wear sporty outfit whenever possible, e.g. when I walk along my favorite beaches on Latvian western coast in Ventspils/Liepaja with my friends. I really enjoy wearing sporty outfit, as I feel sexy, strong, and fit in it, and this feeling really turns me on. We can have the sporty outfit date, if you want to. And it will be the date that you will never forget. I am ready to do almost everything to cater you, even if you if you have naughty desires that other girls would hesitate to do. Don't be shy, call me now +371-29333945  to schedule the really hot date.  
  1. Elisa - escort in Riga
  2. Elisa - escort in Riga
  3. Elisa - escort in Riga
  4. Elisa - escort in Riga
  5. Elisa - escort in Riga

Outdoor photo shoot near Radisson Blu Daugava hotel

I like to be photographed outdoors, but summer 2017 doesn't appreciate it too much, so it took some time to find the good enough day for the open-air photo shoot. Finally on June 9th I was able to beautify Riga's views with my perfect body, please enjoy my new pictures on which you can see the good known Riga's places: Vanšu Bridge , Riga Cathedral , St. Peter's Church , and Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel . I am not a modest person, so I believe many of you have never had the intercourse with such sexy luxury girl as I am. Call the number seen on my pictures or send an SMS or a WhatsApp message to get in touch with me and arrange the hot date. I am available for incall, and also I do outcall in Radisson Blu Daugava hotel seen on my pictures or in another 4+ star hotel in Riga/Jurmala. You deserve having the romantic moments with one of the best escort companions in Riga. I will find what really turns you on and makes lustful. We can do everything you want, no taboo... Don't be shy to tell me about your secret desires, and I will make your dreams come true. I can give you much more than other girls can. Try me once, and you will definitely consider coming back. 
  1. Elisa - escort girl in Riga, +371 29333945
  2. Elisa - escort girl in Riga, +371 29333945
  3. Elisa - escort girl in Riga, +371 29333945
  4. Elisa - escort girl in Riga, +371 29333945
  5. Elisa - escort girl in Riga, +371 29333945

Everything I do, I do for men!

It is became my good tradition to publish the new pictures every month. Posing for picture taker is tiring me and in the same time making me
excited. The last photo-session was very productive; here the pictures taken on 1st May are coming. Please enjoy them, and if watching the
pictures does not help you to relax enough, dial the number seen on the pictures to meet me and enjoy my excellent service. I promise you will be fully satisfied, and you will never forget me. My perfect body could make you return back again and again, as many men already do. I am looking forward to meeting new people, especially interesting and sensual gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life and always look for the best service. Escort is not my main occupation, usually I have just a couple of meetings per day, so short notice booking is not always possible. My pictures are not touched with PhotoShop, I am real and you will meet exactly the same girl as on my pictures. If you ask me in advance, I can wear any outfit you see on my pictures. Stop doubting, call me +371-29333945 and schedule the date. You really deserved something very special!
  1. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  2. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  3. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  4. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  5. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  6. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  7. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  8. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  9. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945
  10. Elisa - escort in Riga, 29333945

My Office Look

I have to admit I live two lives. First life is my part-time job in office, it is often a little bit boring and very predictable. I am a decent and modest good girl in this first public life. And this time I share the pictures of me from my first public life, this is my office look, how I look every business day from 9am till 2pm. My face is hidden behind the April issue of Klubs magazine. My second life is secret, it begins when I leave my office around 2pm, and I immediately turn into a really bad girl - independent, naughty, and confident, who likes to meet the strangers and make really dirty things with them. In both my lives I get paid for doing what I like, however only the second life gives me real enjoyment and satisfaction. I try to keep my lives separated, but sometimes I am a bad girl also in the office when I am checking SMS/emails in my second cell phone or dreaming about having the romantic moments. Have you ever dreamed of having a romantic moment with your coworker? I do, sometimes I am dreaming about a handsome coworker sitting at the desk across mine. If you are also dreaming about your coworker, please take into account that romantic relationships with coworkers could get you in troubles, so it is safer to have an office girl role play with me. I guarantee safety, privacy, and confidentiality. Whatever happens between us, stays between us. So do you want to meet me in business casual from my first public life? Contact me now +371 29333945 , call me or send an SMS if it is before 2pm, and I promise you will have the unforgettable date. I am a professional in beauty industry, so I know how to look stunning in every situation, how to make a great first impression, and how to prepare myself for a romantic date. If we want to meet me in my office outfit, just let me know that in advance. Actually all my pictures are real, and when we meet I can wear any outfit you see on my pictures.
  1. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  2. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  3. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  4. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  5. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  6. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  7. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945

Welcome Spring!

Seems winter has gone already, and nothing can keep spring from coming. So at the beginning of March I decided to take the new pictures, and I enjoyed posing for photograph too much this time, it even made me high a little bit. Therefore the session was very productive, and I am happy to share a bunch of new pictures. As usually to convince you that I am the real girl you can see on my pictures something connected to Latvia - this time the fresh issue of Latvian magazine "Kas Jauns" and the pack of Adažu chips , no fake pictures are allowed on this page.
Summer is following spring sooner or later, and I am taking it seriously spending a lot of time in the gym preparing for wearing a bikini on the beach, my butt is really nice looking and breathtaking. I enjoy it very much, do you want to enjoy it and me? Not only gym helps me to be in such perfect shape, I am addicted to running and now I am training for taking the marathon distance in Nordea Riga Marathon in May 2017. When it comes to delivering the high quality service for man, I stand alone. Actually not alone, there is also my sexy girlfriend Victoria. I am not modest, so I claim we are the best DUO in Riga. Don't be in doubts, call +371 29333945 , and schedule the meeting to get the perfect combination of GFE and PSE. We are the ideal option for man who knows what he wants and is only satisfied with the very best. Spring is a nature's way of saying "Let's have a party", and we completely agree with this. You are welcome to join us in this party.
  1. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  2. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  3. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  4. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  5. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  6. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945
  7. Elisa - Escort in Riga, 29333945

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is approaching fast, so I think it is a good time to share my new pictures. I am always well prepared for taking pictures, and also for romantic dates. For this photo shoot I got festive makeup, manicure, pedicure, and a new hairstyle. I don't publish the pictures with shown face, therefore my face is hidden behind a fresh issue of Privātā Dzīve magazine which is one of the most popular Latvian magazines. Also a bottle of Riga Black Balsam is seen on my pictures, it is a good drink for warming you up on a chilly winter day. If you are not familiar with Riga Black Balsam, I would like to warn you: you can enjoy it straight up and many people do that, however please take into account that it is stronger than Russian vodka. Therefore it is safer to drink it mixed. There are a lot of different recipes for mixing balsam, and I will not quote them here, you can always find the best option for you here . Happy Valentine's day, guys! Lots of hugs and kisses. And if you accidentally find yourself single and horny around Valentine's day or any other day, don't masturbate. Meet me... I will do everything to satisfy all your desires and wishes, any make your dreams come true. My tongue and lips are able to give you pleasure you have never had before. Ready for that? Call me +371 29333945 now. I can meet you wearing the same dress and lingerie as on my pictures, seems it is a perfect choice for romantic dates around Valentine's day.
  1. Elisa - escort girl in Riga
  2. Elisa - escort girl in Riga
  3. Elisa - escort girl in Riga
  4. Elisa - escort girl in Riga
  5. Elisa - escort girl in Riga

Romantic Dates in a Hotel Room

My cozy apartment is not far from Riga City Center, however some my loyal visitors are keeping asking me to meet them sometimes in Riga City Center as they would like to get faster to me and spent more time with me. And I don't mind it. In the beginning of July I book a room in a nice hotel for several days at my own expense. These pictures were taken to remember the dates that I had in the room of Europa Royale Riga Hotel. The four star Europa Royale Riga Hotel is located in City Center, next to the historic and picturesque Verman park. The historical house of the legendary Benjamin's family was fully renovated in 2006. And last but not least, there is a nice restaurant in the hotel to eat, relax, and recover after having a hot date.
  1. Elisa @Royale - Escort in Riga
  2. Elisa @Royale - Escort in Riga
  3. Elisa @Royale - Escort in Riga

About me

Welcome to my personal website. If you are looking for a girl who is able to fulfill all your desires, you have arrived to the right place, and I would love to meet you.

My name is Elisa and I am an independent luxury escort companion located in Riga. I am a young gorgeous brunette with a perfect shaped, tanned, model body and hypnotizing green eyes.

I am positive, love to laugh and smile, easy going, playful, and have great manners. I promise your time spent with me will be unforgetable and we will have the true pleasure of our meeting!

I always dress according to the event which will be attended, such as romantic dinner dates, cocktail meetings, business afternoons, and just relaxing evenings. And I will choose to wear high heels and classic dress for some of them.

Get in touch with me to arrange a hot date! Kisses!
Elisa Independent Escort Girl, +371 29333945
Elisa Escort in Riga, +371-29333945

My Hot Girlfriend Victoria

If you are interested in DUO, my sexy girlfriend can join us. She is a real Russian beauty, all natural, she has never had plastic surgery, 25 years young, naturally sweet, loving, caring, and honest. She is an one of the best escort girls in Riga, serving the most discriminating gentlemen. Victoria will inspire and ignite you as your real girlfriend.She has B size natural breasts, slim waist, curvaceous hips, and long legs (170cm, 50kg).
  1. Victoria - Escort in Riga
  2. Victoria - Escort in Riga
  3. Victoria - Escort in Riga
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WhatsApp/phone:   +371 29333945

  1. Elisa | Escort in Riga, 29333945
  2. Elisa | Escort in Riga, 29333945
  3. Elisa | Escort in Riga, 29333945
  4. Elisa | Escort in Riga, 29333945
  5. Elisa | Escort in Riga, 29333945

Girlfriend Experience

I am an educated well-mannered beautiful escort lady who loves to spoil the gentleman and to fulfill all his wishes and desires. I enjoy longer bookings, as it provides the opportunity to get to know each other better. Start with joint romantic dinner at fancy restaurant to get closer, then drink wine or cocktail in one of the trendiest bars in Riga, and finally have the hot time...

During our time together I will be just like your girlfriend. Of course, as your "girlfriend" I know how to behave properly and I am moving stylish on any social stage.

Let's meet, and you will have unforgettable Girlfriend Experience (GFE)!
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WhatsApp/phone:   +371 29333945

My Top 5 Restaurants, Hotels and Spa in Riga

Being an elite escort companion enabled me to have the privilege of enjoying some of the most impressive hotels, restaurants, and spa in Riga. Alongside you can find the lists of my favorite top-class hotels, restaurants, and spa in Riga with the direct links to theirs homepages.
Dinning in Riga - the exquisite and simplicity are often close each other:
  1. Le Dome
  2. Biblioteka №1
  3. Aqualuna
  4. Riviera
  5. Portofino
More intimate time in best Riga SPA:
  1. ESPA Riga
  2. Dome Hotel SPA
  4. Verdant Eco SPA
  5. Park SPA


I am attracted to gentleman for whom etiquette is a second nature. As a lady, I find inconsiderate actions unacceptable from anybody. I am a real believer that we should do to others as we would have them do to us.

Politeness is paramount

Well-mannered and courteous interaction always describes the time I spend with gentleman. Such communication helps to establish the relationship and trust essential for getting the real pleasure. I am not able to entertain anybody with anything less than a good - natured attitude.

Hygiene is vital

Neatness is essential, and also it is extremely attractive! It is one thing to take a shower. It is another to present yourself in an overall manner that is polished and well put together.

Services are understood

My services are simple and direct. I am an escort companion to speak to few and the very discerning. Please don't ask me to give the detailed description of our date in advance, usually I do not respond to such questions. Services offered will not discussed in emails.

Privacy is respected

Please do not distribute any personal or explicit details that we may share when we are together. When I enjoy a date, I could not intentionally or maybe even intentionally share some private details about myself, please respect it and do not disclose any private details about me. I value my privacy and I hope you treat me with the same discretion as I do with your personal information.
Contact Me

WhatsApp/phone:   +371 29333945

Finer Details
Travel Escort
  • Name: Elisa
  • Age: 27
  • Eyes: green
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Height: 1.68
  • Weight: 53
  • Bust / Cup / Bra Size: 34D
  • Dress: S
  • Tattoos: No
  • Smoking: No
  • Drinking: occasional - social drinker
  • Languages: Russian, English
  • 30min (Prefferred Minimum): incall 85eur, outcall 110eur
  • 1 hour: incall 115eur, outcall 150eur
  • 2 hours (Nice And Slow): incall 215eur, outcall 250eur
  • 3 hours (No Rush): incall 300eur, outcall 330eur
  • 4 hours (Dinner + Dessert): incall 400eur, outcall 420eur
  • 6 hours (A Day or Evening in the Town): 600eur
  • 8 hours (Overnight Stay): 700eur
  • 12 hours (A Dream Come True): 800eur

Outcall prices include taxi in Riga; outcall to Jurmala and Saulkrasti - extra 50 eur for taxi.

If meeting starts at 10pm or later, the additional fee of 50eur is applied.

Duo rates:
  • 1 hour: 300eur
  • 2 hours: 500eur
  • 3 hours: 700eur
I can deliver my perfect body to everywhere in EU for your pleasure. Minimal booking is 6 hours. You cover all travel expenses and my gift:
  • 800eur - 6 hours
  • 1200eur - 12 hours
  • 1600eur - 24 hours
  • 3000eur - 48 hours
  • 9000eur - 7 days

I will meet you only in the room of 4+ star hotel, not at private residence or apartment. You need to confirm your identity, and also pay in advance all travel expenses and half of my gift.
I like having some time to anticipate your arrival, so please try to give me a day notice, a couple days notice is even better. I'm rarely available at the last minute.

I understand that many people are a little bit shy about calling, so it's okay to email me initially. Though I would like to speak (and also flirt with you) on the phone before we meet in person. Calling me please make sure you've adjusted your phone settings to don't hide your phone number, as I will not answer calls from hidden numbers. Usually I answer the phone after 2pm only, as before that time I am on my part-time job in beauty salon and not able to talk on the phone. So if I cannot pick up the phone, you can email me, or send me an SMS; usually I can reply to SMS/email after 8am.

I would like to give you time to relax and fully enjoy your time with me.

Looking forward to your bookings.

My place for incall

I would like to welcome you to my cozy apartment located very close to the center of Riga, it is only about 1,5km from Radisson Blu Latvia hotel or about 1,2km from Old Town, i.e. about 12-15 minutes to walk. If you prefer to take a taxi, BalticTaxi/RedCab charge you about 4eur for a ride from Radisson Blu Latvia hotel, 5-6eur for a ride from Old Town, and 9-10eur for a ride from Radission Blu Daugava.
The building is about 100 years old, but my classical style apartment has just been renovated and furnished with new furniture. Everything is clean and new, including towels and bed linen. The apartment has a bedroom with a huge bed. If enjoying romantic moments on the bed is too traditional for you, the apartment offers also other places for that.  So this is a safe comfortable place where you can relax away from stress and everyday routine.

Interview with me

There are a lot of escort girls in Riga. How are you different?

What can I anticipate from you?

Are your pictures real?

Other escort girls find acceptable to advertise with fake pictures, but not me... all my pictures publshed on this site are real, recent and genuine. They are not photoshoped, only some minor color corrections are applied. The latest pictures are taken in June 2017. 
Well... Just think about your wildest dreams in advance. Don't hestitate to tell me them when we meet, and I will amplify it.
I'm real! All pictures on this site are real and taken recently. I do sport every day, except Sunday, during last 10 years. Therefore I could say you probably have never met a girl in such perfect shape as I am.

How will you be dressed for our date?

How much notice do you need?

What is your idea of perfect date?

I really enjoy longer dates where we can relax and get to know each other better. Good wine and soft music behind closed doors can set stage for wonderful
date. Another option could be dining at a fabulous restaurant.
2-3 hours minimum of a notice to arrange a meeting. To schedule a date, please just fill the 'Contact' form above, send me an SMS to +371-29333945 , or send an email to . Booking requests and emails are sent directly to my phone, so maybe I could be able to reply in short time or even immediately.
I will be dressed sexy and chic, you will be impressed. I will be wearing a sexy fit dress, expensive lingerie along with suspenders, stockings and high heels.

Can I choose/request outfits?

Are your rates flexible?

Yes, you can... I also can be dressed as on my pictures. You will definitely recognize the sexy lady in the pictures when we meet in person.
Sorry, my rates listed above are not negotiable. Rates for longer bookings are already adjusted. I worth every penny you spend. If you cannot afford paying these rates, please consider meeting another escort companion.

Contact me to schedule a romatic date

If you got any other question, please do not hesitate to send me a message.